Welcome to TK Associates

Our firm began in 1986 in Greenwich Connecticut working with George C Scott on our church campaign in Greenwich. He was our neighbor on Meadow Lane and things began from there. We soon were doing campaigns at Major organizations like American Cancer campaign in Westchester NY and then Cancer Care Campaigns in the City of Manhattan and we were off. We opened the first Cancer Care field office in Fairfield Ct.

Since then our firm has raised over 12 Billion dollars and done well over 20 major gift and capital campaigns. If you haven't heard of us, we quietly work to get the job done.We are discrete and humble but our donors believe in us, see the way to build for their next campaign with our knowledge and our professional learning tool box and then next time around because of what we have left behind the board is often able to do their next campaign themselves with their staff having learned all that they need.


Working with Terry Lee and TK Associates will add credibility to all you do within your charity for decades to come,

Lauren Anderson 
MBA,J.D.   Bank of England, VP

As the President of Big Brothers Big Sisters for four tough economic years I saw a person Who never gave up - who always saw the financial options open for us to take risks within Reason... Terry Lee is a person of great leadership and fortitude mixed with incredible tenacity and elegance!

Patricia Altemose

Retired Astra Zenneca Executive, Pa